1988 Tudor Submariner 76100 NOS Condition w/ Lollipop Hand


    Up for grabs is a Tudor Submariner full size

    76100 reference with original lollipop Hour hand, 40mm

    21X,XXX serial number circa 1988 production

    Superb vintage condition watch is in like New Old Stock condition. It is clearly unpolished, clearly shows original factory finishes and shows practically no bracelet wear between the lugs. There is no dirt or grime between the lugs, the only elements you see are the red fibers which are from the inside of the Tudor box this watch has sat in. Numbers are fully intact and very crisp. Pay special attention to the crown guards which easily show wear even from “hand polish” when you often winds the watch or change the time; the crown guards are very crisp, with original finishes and edges.

    Please note the original crystal has developed a type of “haze” you could call it and appears blue in hue in some pictures. At an angle you can see that its clear. This is “normal” for this time period and original crystals which haven’t been touched. It is up to you if you want to swap the crystal, but the watch is presented in as found condition and further reinforces the fully original condition of this watch. 

    The dial is perfect and most likely has never been outside of the case. It has developed very vivid patina an plots and hands. If you know this model, you know that the hour hand is often missing lume, cracked, or even replaced. The lume on this watch’s hands is in flawless condition.

    Bracelet is original Tudor 9315 folded link with 380B end-links and M date code, which is period correct to the watch. For a folded link bracelet, this bracelet is extremely tight and “like new”. Evidently, it has been sized by removing 3 links, these links were saved in box and are included.

    The caseback is in very crisp and unpolished condition. The teeth of the lock show no wear or damage and therefore I believe it has never been opened before. Similar to what is seen between the lugs, there are fine red fibers on in the crevice of the lock from the Tudor box.

    The watch was found with Tudor box, manual, and papers from US Naval Store. Unfortunately, the serial number is similar to the watch, but it does not fully match. It is my belief that the papers were issued by mistake by the store clerk and it was indeed purchased in 1989 from US Naval Store. Because of the mismatch, I am not adding any premium to the price just because of papers and box, but they will be included with this watch.

    Overall, it appears the watch was purchased from the store, the clerk sized the bracelet, and it was perhaps gifted or worn out, but then put back in box and probably never worn again. There are very minor marks here and there and I would call these “shop wear” from watch being handled in the store and tried on by customers. It is still one of the nicest example of this reference I have ever been able to offer.

    The watch winds very smoothly and it runs and functions. It is presumed it was never opened and was never serviced.

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