Pilot Owned 1970 Omega Flightmaster ref. 145.013 w/ Papers and Provenance


    Up for grabs is an Omega Flightmaster 

    reference 145.013, the first Flightmaster with cal. 910 movement

    316238XX serial number circa 1970 production. Warranty papers are dated at time of purchase in 1971. 

    This is a very interesting watch with a story. It was purchased new and owned until very recently by U.S. Air-Force vet and pilot Roland Z. The buyer of the watch will have access to the owner’s full name and contact info. He is still alive today at the age of 91. Rollie served in the Air-Force on 2 occasions; from 1945-1948(World War 2) and then from 1951-1953 (Korean War). He flew a B-29 airplane while enlisted. He was a part of mapping and reconnaissance missions, they never were in combat or anything like that. After leaving the military he spent over 40 years working for Kodak. More information about him is available.

    Let’s look at the watch. He bought the Flightmaster shortly after it was released and after selling his 1967 Speedmaster (wish he kept that one as well) to his friend. He found that it was more useful for him to have a rotating bezel than the fixed Speedmaster one. This is the first Flightmaster reference 145.013 and supposed to have the 24 hour function subdial at 9. Rollie used this watch as a tool, not a piece of jewelry, and later when reference 145.036 came out with continuous running seconds subdial at 9, he found that function to be more useful for him and had his watch “upgraded” (as he states in his letter) to new style dial and function. So, the watch still has the Cal. 910 movement and is still a 145.013, but has a 145.039 dial. You can see the hands were kept original red coloring rather than orange as it is on later models. He wore the watch as his tool until around 1985 and then put it in safe deposit box as it was replaced by a quartz and digital Seiko. Its been unworn ever since. Let’s get on to the condition report. 

    The case is extremely sharp and unpolished. Very minor scratches here and there. The pushers are original and all but 1 still have their color indicators. 

    The dial is perfect. It has no scratches, no drag marks, nothing. Very attractive patina on plots and hands. 

    The crystal on 145.013 is domed sapphire and this one has scratches on it. Presented as is, but I am willing to include a genuine Omega replacement if you wish. Will be ordered from Omega. 

    Caseback is original. Rollie had his social security number engraved on back of it, but needed it removed before selling the watch so its been polished. The DC-8 plane is faint, but still visible. Inside is stamped 145.013

    The watch comes with all of its original paperwork. Flightmaster booklet, instructions manual, warranty papers which are AD stamped and filled out and dated. 

    The bracelet is original and correct Omega 1162/172 in unpolished condition. 

    Overall this is a very sharp watch with great story and provenance. It currently winds, runs and chrono resets properly. 

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