SOLD 1965 Omega Speedmaster Pre-pro Straight Lug Ed White 105.003 Brown


    Up for grabs is an Omega Speedmater Pre-Moon, Pre-Pro

    105.003 reference “Ed White”

    220816XX serial number circa 1965 production

    Very good vintage condition case with even lugs, no corrosion and no dings or dents. 

    Dial is original, tritium aged to a dark chocolate brown color with dark lume. Hands appear original with matching aging on lume. 

    DON bezel appears original, shows aging and typical wear, but in great overall shape. 

    Caseback is stamped 105.003 -65. Has engraving on back “Tim Miller May 24, 1969”. From what I can ascertain, this watch belonged to a NASA engineer who worked on the landing gear of the Apollo mission. I have done some research this is what I have found, although the watch was not obtained directly from his family. Therefore, please make your own judgement as the evidence is inconclusive without any paperwork to back it up. This could be just a “Tim Miller’s” watch, or it could be THE Time Miller’s. I have included below an obituary which includes this info. I have also contacted his son who confirmed that he remembered his father having “such watch”, but again it doesn’t 100% prove anything. I am not adding or subtracting any monetary value to the watch, just a potential story that comes with it…

    Watch comes as head only. Watch winds, runs, chrono runs and resets back to 0. No service history. No timing information available. No box or papers. 

    Thomas Lester Miller

    September 24, 1922 – May 7, 2012

    • Colonel Thomas Lester Miller (ret.) B. 9/24/1922, Marietta, Ohio D. 5/7/2012, San Diego,CA
    • Mother: Agnes Alexandra Butler, b. 7/26/1893,d 1945 
    • Father: Maj. Gen. Lester Thomas Miller; b 9/24/1893, d. 1969
    • Service: USAF 1942-46 (Major), 1948-59 Lt. Col. Cont. in Reserves (Colonel) Medal of Commendation 1959, chief of strategic command for Electronic warfare (Wild Weasels)
    • Married: Luena (Peggy) George, b 6/26/1922, SLC, UT, d 2001 Greensburg, Ind.
    o Mother; Vera Cline McKenna Father: Brig. General Harold Houston George
    • Children: Robin Miller (Thatcher/ Musselman); b 10/9/1943 Redlands, CA 3 children
    o Lynn Miller (Davison/Enneking); b 6/11/1945 San Bernardino, CA 5 children
    o Leslie Miller (Rogers); b 8/28/1947 Redlands, CA 2 children
    o Thomas Taylor Miller; b 8/1/1949 Buford, SC 2 children
    o Michelle Miller (Powell); b 9/28/1956, Annapolis, MD no children
    • Siblings: Mary Miller; b , d 
    o Agnes Miller (Purvis), 9/7/1924 Waco, TX
    • University of Michigan 1956 BS begun 1940-42, finished 1954-56 Engineer, Tau Beta Psi, UC Irvine MS

    Col. Thomas Lester Miller has transitioned through the portal we call death in peace and surrounded by loving hearts. He was born on his father’s birthday, September 24 1922. His Dad, Lester Thomas Miller, and Mother Agnes Alexandra Butler were part of the aviation pioneers of the early 20th century. Lester or “Tubby” as he was known knew Orville Wright and was a balloon Pilot in the First World War. Growing up in the Military milieu Tom wore uniforms of one sort or another through half his life. He grew up mostly on bases, his favorite always being Hawaii. When LT Miller was a Brig. Gen., he had the honor of conferring on his own son his commission as an officer in the Army Air force upon graduation from cadet school in 1942. 
    That same year Tommy began his romance with the daughter of Brig. Gen. Harold H. George (George AFB), Luena (Peggy). The handsome young couple were married the same year and went on to have five children; Robin, Lynn, Leslie, Thomas Taylor and, after a seven year hiatus, Michelle. Tom and Peggy divorced in 1969. He later married Mary Mitchell, and, after she passed, Cecilia Alapa of Hawaii.
    Tom attended University of Michigan between enlistments and received his BS in Electrical Engineering. As a Major he was awarded the Medal of Commendation in 1962 for his role as Strategic Command Chief of Electronic Warfare or the Wild Weasels. He worked at North American Aviation and Autonetics after going into the Reserves as a Lt. Col.. He later retired from the Air Force as a full Colonel. He worked on the Apollo Project as an aerospace engineer. He was part of the team that developed the landing system for the moon unit, Eagle. He studied oceanography and was a qualified SCUBA diver, which he recertified in 1990 to swim the Barrier reef off the coast of Australia.
    The layoff of the 1970’s found him without work, so he went for his Masters Degree at UC Irvine. He then traveled back to Virginia, the home of his mother’s family, to work in Washington DC with the new department of HUD called FEEMA. He became the authority, wrote textbooks and policy on flood planes & flood plane maps. Sen. Proxmire commended Tom’s department as the most efficient in the organization. Tom retired to Hawaii where he lived for approximately 18 years, before coming to live by son, Tom, in San Diego, CA.
    Tom was always interested in physical fitness. He was a body builder and runner. He would make odd green concoctions and insist they were quite drinkable (!). He was happiest when sweat was dripping off his nose and chin. This trait is apparently a family tradition as all his children and grandchildren are walkers, runners, tri-athletes and yoga instructors.
    He was also intensely interested in spiritual matters and searched for answers in many traditions. This too he passed on to his descendants. He had wanted to be a preacher in his early life, but his father’s strong military background won out.
    He was a complex man; brilliant, volatile, tender, funny, quirky, tragic, loving. He passed in peace to the arms of the Dear One and with the hearts of all who love him May 7, 2012. All his children, 10 grandchildren and 9 and a half great grandchildren wish him God-speed on his journey.”



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