SOLD 1966 Rolex Submariner 5513 Gitl/Gloss Dial


    Up for grabs is a Rolex Submariner No-Date

    5513 reference 

    1.5 mil serial number circa 1966 

    Excellent condition case that has previously been polished. Lugs are nice and thick with original bevel still evident. No corrosion or pitting. Reference number is intact and clearly visible. Serial number is intact, original stamping. The bracelet has worn down the top part of numbers over the years and someone has touched up the top part of the serial number as evident. Again, the serial number is NOT completely re-engraved, just partially touched up the top part.

    Dial is excellent gilt, gloss Meters First. Dial is very glossy and free of spidering, matting, drag marks, etc. Luminous material has partially flaked off over the years, but is original, not relumed  or tampered with. Hands are tritium and appear to be original. 

    Bracelet is newer Rolex 93150 with 11 links, diver’s extension, 580 ends, J9 date code on clasp. Slight stretch from use, crisp coronet on clasp. 

    Caseback is excellent stamped 5513 VI.66


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    SKU: SQ6940552

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