SOLD 1979 Rolex Submariner 5513 Farm Fresh Project


    Up for grabs is a Rolex Submariner No-Date

    5513 reference

    6.1 mil serial number circa 1979

    This watch is being sold as found from its original owner’s relative. Watch came from South America (Nicaragua). 

    The case is in very good condition with good, thick lugs. Serial and reference numbers are fully intact and clearly visible. There is no corrosion or pitting. Lugs still show signs of original bevels. Please note the damaged, but still functioning, crown. 

    The dial appears to be original with very nice patina. The dial itself is very clean and damage free. Crystal has “crazed” over the years. Unfortunately, someone laid luminous material on plots and dial later in its life. Fortunately, they didn’t scrape off the original luminous material and perhaps your watchmaker can remove the re-lume. 

    Bezel and insert appear to be original with faded serif font insert. 

    Caseback is stamped 5513 inside. Outside has engraved “Evelio Zuniga” and “53-73-44”. This engraving has been worn down over the years, but still visible. I was able to open the caseback, but it appears that case and/or caseback have been cross-threaded. Caseback turns freely when screwed back in and has to be “popped” out with a tool. Obviously, it will not pass a pressure test currently, but could be worn as is.  

    Bracelet is heavily worn 93150 with correct date stamp matching the watch’s age. 10 links, 580 ends, diver’s extension. Flip lock is missing, but clasp hold on its own. 


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